Wednesday, December 31, 2008

philip seymour hoffman

So this is my first time posting on the caricature blog. I took Jason's course a few months ago and have just been working on trying to implement and manipulate what we were taught into a caricature worth showing. This is the first thingn I've drawn since then that I'm pretty happy with. I plan on painting it up all nice and pretty, so if that works out the way I'm hoping, maybe I'll go ahead and post the colour version too.


Jamie said...

It's very hoffman-esque. You totally nailed that smirk that he has most of the time. I look forward to the finished version.

Patrick LaMontagne said...

yep, definitely a good start. I like the overall head shape and it definitely is Hoffman.

Tim Bye said...

Fabulous stuff! Great style - love it!