Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Andy Bernard Sketch!

This is Ed Helms as Andy Bernard from the show "The Office".

The other night I received and email from Ed, it was a really cool surprise! This is what he wrote.

"This is Ed Helms. I was alerted to your recent blog posting featuring a very fat-necked version of me. Part of me thinks I should be mad at you, but I'm too busy laughing. The fact is, I am completely enamored with your caricature of me!! It is absolutely hilarious and I'm flattered to be one of your subjects. As narcissistic as it may be, I'd love to get a version to frame in my office. Even just a copy. Is that possible?
Meanwhile have a great holiday!
A new fan -


Brad Cantrell said...

The Office is really a good show, its quite an honor that your caricature has been noticed by one of them.

richard said...

I'm not surprised that Ed Helms wants a picture, your sketches for the programme are all brilliant. They should collect them all together and put them onto the cover of their next DVD!

Doug said...

I can't think of a better compliment. That must have been so cool. Bring on Michael and Dwight!

Patrick LaMontagne said...

I'd be ready for more of the cast to make the same request, once Ed starts showing his off and they realize you've done ones of them as well.

I concur with Doug...can't wait to see your version of Dwight.