Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Owl

I've been doing a lot of animal portraits in graphite lately. Christmas presents and all that. And I've really been wanting to get a few animal caricatures done. This is the first. I sketched this onto a box for my girlfriend for christmas. I'm raging against the combine by not buying wrapping paper this year. Or ever again!!!!! I renounce consumerism!!!!!!! No more will I be a slave to the wrapping paper merchants who seek to disenfranchise the little guy by charging $6 for a roll of cheap toilet paper trussed up to look festive!!!! I can draw a damn snowflake!!!! And an owl. It even looks like an owl. Sort of. At a pinch. In a bad light. Maybe. If you'd never seen an owl before. Which I haven't. We don't have owls here. But I have seen winnie the pooh and there was an owl in that I'm pretty sure. And that thing in the muppets that was blue and birdlike. He was an owl right? 
Have a good christmas everyone. 

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Jason Seiler said...

Great Owl . . . really nice!