Monday, December 22, 2008

Painting Bruce Willis

Hi all, I am from the current batch of Jason's students. While painting Bruce Willis for Assignment 5, I took snapshot after every 1 - 2 hour's of work. Thought it's interesting to see the transformation, so I made them into an animated gif to share it here as my first post. Hope you enjoy.


Patrick LaMontagne said...

Very nice! Love the transition images.

richard said...

Great idea with the animation. If you can paint this well now, you should be terrific by the end of the course!

Jason Seiler said...

Fantastic job!

peter said...

Cool! awesome!)

I has found presentation in internet with caricatures. Check it out

Now I wish to make presentation of my caricatures and upload on slideboom)))
Somebody told me that i can upload presentation on slideboom with animation, video and audio effects. I don't know yet, but i'll check it tomorrow

Dancerene said...

Hi all, thanks for the positive comments. I'll continue to work on my drawing skills and strive for more humor and exaggeration in my works.