Sunday, November 30, 2008

Mahatma Gandhi colour

I've been working at this a lot today,finally came up with a colour scheme.


Doug said...

Love the color choices. Did you use the split complementary? Ever since class I've been doing black and white and then split complementary over the top. I'd like to get to a point where I go straight color. Great job.

Brad Cantrell said...

Really good Ricard. Head is perfect. I think you need to look for more references to get the body contours right. And his right hand isnt right, the left hand looks perfect though.

richard said...

Thanks guys.I used a split complementary palette although I cheated a bit with the colour picker (that's allowed though I think!)I used repeated coats of low opacity colour, like watercolour painting. I like this technique for that reason, as I've been used to painting with watercolours rather than oils/acrylics, and it suits my existing mindset. I am building up to straight colour some day.
I mixed separate references of head and body, although the actual shape and lighting of the body is pretty much like the reference in fact; I just scaled the body down a bit. The hands are doing slightly weird things in the reference picture, his thumbs are disappearing behind the paper. It's hard to find a good quality reference picture as they were all done a long time ago in black and white, (before digital!)