Monday, November 10, 2008

Jason Seiler wins the Gold Nosey Award!

Guest of Honor Award for Outstanding Work. Awarded by Ismael Roldan
2nd Place Outstanding Digital Technique

1st Place Caricature of the year!
4th Place Caricature of the year
8th Place Caricature of the year

1st Place for Most Outstanding Portfolio
1st Place for Best Studio Caricature

And finally the big Sha-Bang . . .

He won the 2008 17th Annual International Competition. Gold Nosey Award
Caricaturist of the Year Competition. This puts Jason in the Master Caricaturist category.

Congratulations Jason! err.. I mean Master Seiler :)


Tim Bye said...

Wow - congrats Jason! Very impressive work & deserving of the awards!

Patrick LaMontagne said...

Not that I'm surprised in the least, but congratulations, Jason. Couldn't have happened to a nicer guy...or a more talented artist.

idragosani said...

Awesome! Congrats, Jason! It is a well deserved award and I feel honored to have studied under you!

wendeebee said...

Holy crackers man! That is outstanding. I think anyone who has taken his course (or studied his portfolio) already knew how special his work was before any awards were handed out. What a great honour. Congratulations Jason!!!!!!!!

richard said...

Congratulations Jason, you deserve it.