Wednesday, January 21, 2009

For that 'special' smell

I'm afraid I haven't been working on anything topical like the Obama/Bush presidential caricatures, which are all amazing by the way.

I have been doing this picture of Nicole Kidman over the last week or so; it was sort of inspired by my falling into the Grand Union Canal on my bicycle last year, it wasn't very deep fortunately, but I came up smelling of .... well not exactly roses.

My wife has a bottle of Chanel No 5 which on the other hand smells really nice. ( I think that should cover me from legal action by Chanel!)


Jon Moss said...

I'm not sure I would have known the meaning behind this one, but with your explanation I think its hilarious and its also good to see you've made art out of tragedy! I knew this was one of yours before I scrolled down to the artist name, your distinctive style is really showing through. Keep up the great work.

richard said...

Thanks Jon, you're a star!

Brad Cantrell said...

Nice caricature Richard, you really caputred her expression. And nice job on the hair.

richard said...

Thanks Brad,I wasn't sure I caricatured her much, always afraid of losing the likeness. Hair is such a challenge isn't it-how much detail to put in or leave out.Some of the 3-D animators spend their whole time just doing hair which I find amazing!