Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Gray Study

Olympia Snow was mentioned in the news the last few days and we are on the lesson with Jason concerning gray scale studies so I did this. Hope you like it.


Scott Hamilton said...

I was just looking at reference photos on google. One thing that Jan Op De Beeck suggested was that if the facial feature doesn't do that then it shouldn't in the caricature. What I mean is that her nose does not overlap her top lip in real-life so it shouldn't here as well. That's throwing this off for me. Also her face here is very circular or rounded square(ish) but her face in reference is more oblong and thinner. Also she's got some high hair to work with. I'm not sure what reference pic you have. There is a likeness here but it could use some tweaks. I'd like to see this at the end of the class.

richard said...

Very good, nice caricature

Dancerene said...

Hi Rick,
I googled for her pics too. I think it's alright to exaggerate her nose the way you did.

Like what Scott said, she's got high hair, maybe you can increase the weight on her hair and forehead to make her head look long? If you are still working on it, do pay more attention to her eyes. She has some interesting facial lines too.

As for your value painting, I think your white can go much lighter to give a more 3D feel.

I can see you are coming along great for the course. Good job!