Sunday, January 16, 2011

What my students are doing at Schoolism!

This is an example of what my students are currently working on for my class at Schoolism. This work was done by Duane, who I believe is my oldest student yet, he's 70 years old and works harder than most people I know. I think he's kicking serious butt!!!

My next class at Schoolism starts on February 18th, click here for additional information on how to sign up, or feel free to email me if you have any questions.

Also, I am planning on putting together a apprenticeship type class on drawing and painting caricatures. This class will be more advanced for those who want to really push themselves. I haven't gotten everything figured out yet on what exactly I will cover, but I do know that it will be hardcore. I will put a lot into it to make it worth your while. Any suggestions of what you would like to learn from me, I'm all ears!



outstanding work, I am also happy to paint a caricature, but I was just starting to learn my blog if your friends are interested in visiting fans caricature

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Jyoti Chauhan said...

Outstanding work done by your student, You shared useful info for all who are interested to learn how to draw caricature or how to make funny caricature.

Kalpart said...

Good Job!!! Amazing caricatures