Monday, November 16, 2009

Jack Nicholson

I have a little more to go here, detailing forehead and touching up the hair, but I thought this would be a great place to get some input as far as any criticism you guys might have before I call this one done.
Thanks all.


Carl Knox said...

Hey Jon!

Nice value piece! His eyebrows are alive!!!!! :P

Patrick LaMontagne said...

Hi Jon:

This is a great piece. Since you asked for critique, the only thing I would say is that because the eyes are SO good, see if you can do a little more detail definition on the teeth to bring them up to the same level.

I know that's tough, because you can't define them too much without making them look cartoony. Probably some more work on the shading of the teeth. But it's subtle. I'm only saying that because you asked. The whole thing is very cool.

Torren said...

whats up jon,
first off its looks great. as far as what you can change, i gotta agree with patrick. the only thing i would do is try to bring everything else in the piece to the quality of the eyes. other small stuff you could address is try to get a little more contrast so he pops more off the background and it might be me, but his face looks slightly fuller on the left side of his face, might play with that too. other than that its awesome

Jon Casey said...

thanks! Helpful advice, much appreciated... I didnt notice the left face till you mentioned it torren but now I see it.
In the reference he's got this great, gross thing of putting his teeth on his tongue, I dont think that part is quite there yet.