Saturday, May 16, 2009

Tenacious D

I just wanted to stop by and share what ive been working on for the past couple of weeks. its the greatest band of all time, Tenacious D.


Jason Seiler said...

Overall composition and shapes of both Jack and Kyle are great! However I feel that the likenesses in both are off a bit. Jacks nose and eyes seem to be not quite "JB". Also as a painting goes, there are quite a few areas that have sharp edges that shouldn't . . . example, look at the edges of JB's eyebrows, especially his left.

Cool idea for a piece though, and I've been checking out your work lately, you've doing some KILLER stuff . . . keep it up!

Torren said...

thanks for checking out my stuff first of all, i really appreciate the input. i agree, this one is kinda off and im probably gonna have to work out some likeness stuff. i should have chose a better picture of them to work from.

Dancerene said...

This is very funny! I see that you have put in a lot of effort on the guitars. Great work!