Sunday, March 1, 2009

Hopkins - Bedtime Stories - Final

Well, here is the finished illustration for my final submission on the caricature course. Little has changed in terms of structure between this and the value painting but I got to have fun working on the details such as the texture of the leather chair and the wrinkles and crease's of Lecter's face.
Signing up for the Seiler Caricature Course has been the best decision I've made in order to advance my artistic skills. Anyone reading this who is debating as to whether to give it a go, I simply say 'do it, you'll have no regrets'. Regardless of skill level or experience, Jason's instruction will improve anyone who follows it.
To the rest of my online classmates, its been great seeing you progress and its helped me push myself further. I hope to see you all publishing on here in the future.


Houston Hsieh said...

This is a killer piece, Jon.
Nice work!!

Chuckdrywall said...

Wow! This piece is awesome. Fantastic work.

Doug said...

Great work. Awesome likeness and detail. I second what you said about the class.

Patrick LaMontagne said...

Love it, Jon! Hot damn, that's creepy. Well done.

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