Sunday, October 26, 2008

checking in

hey everyone, Im from the summer class. Good to see Tony Montano, Fat Jester and Idragosani here. Sorry I dont have any work to post, although Im able to do art on a whole new level thanks to Jason, I just dont have a handle on color, so Im limited to greyscale paintings. If anyone knows of any good online courses on color theory, let me know.


Carl Knox said...

Hey Brad,

I really struggled with colour too.. even my monochromatic efforts looked like rubbish. :(

I watched Jace's Condi painting working along with him step by step pausing at milestones to catch up... and that helped me heaps.

You can also check out this dvd from Gnomon:

Brad Cantrell said...

thanks for the tip on the video Carl, I'll check that out